Frankish Empire

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Realm Format

Cultural Level
Iron Age Frankia (5429 G.B)

Equipment Classes Magic Power Science Tech Transportation
x 4 3 3 4 3 4

Cultural Likeness


Major Settlements

The Folk

Languages and Religions

The Law

Trade and Diplomacy

The Frankish Empire

Regent Race(s) Governed Provinces Type Civilization Governing Style
Charles Martel Humans 90%, Half-Elf 3%, Dravun 2%, Tylaern 2%, Half-Orc 1%, Lutin 1%, Other 1%. Aquitaine, Austrasia, Burgundy, Gascony, Neustria, Septimania, Swabia Theocratic Empire Civilized Warlord

Kingdom of Aquitaine
Kingdom of Austrasia
Kingdom of Burgundy
Kingdom of Gascony
Kingdom of Neustria
Kingdom of Septimania
Kingdom of Swabia

People of Frankia
Places of Frankia

Frankish Empire

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