Culture Levels

Individual Culture Levels
Weapon and Armor CL is listed in the Equipment Guide.

Class CL

CL Classes
1: Stone Age Amazon, Aztec Priest, Barbarian, Dragon Shaman, Druid, Godlings, Hunter, Oracle, Ranger, Shaman, Shugenja, and Sorcerer.
2: Bronze Age Alchemist^, Bloodrager, Brawler, Cleric, Demonoligist, Dragon Rider, Fighter, Gladiator, Monk, Ninja, Rogue, Shadow Master, Skald, Spartan, Warlock, Warlord, Witch, Wizard, Zamshi.
3: Iron Age Alchemist^, Bard, Bishop, Cavalier, Healer, Magus, Malefactor, Martial Artist, Slayer, Speedster, War Priest, Witch Hunter.
4: Classical Age Antipaladin, Arcanist, Factotum, Investigator, Knight, Marshal, Paladin, Samurai.
5: Dark Age Armiger, Inquisitor, Summoner, Warmage.
6: Early Medieval Privateer, Swashbuckler.
7: Medieval Artificer, Templar.
8: Chivalric Gunslinger
9: Renaissance Conquistador.
10: Industrial N/A

^ = CL 2 for Egypt, otherwise 3.
Magic CL

CL Magic
1: Stone Age Ceremonial Burials, Druidry, Mysticism, Ritualism, Sacrificial Worship, Shamanism.
2: Bronze Age Ceremony, Cloud Patterns, Divination, Runeology, Ocultism, Priesthood, Scriptures, Thaumaturgy, Thelema.
3: Iron Age Arithmancy, Herbology, Meditation.
4: Classical Age N/A
5: Dark Age Apportation, Astrology.
6: Early Medieval N/A
7: Medieval N/A
8: Chivalric N/A
9: Renaissance N/A
10: Industrial N/A

Power CL

CL Power
1: Stone Age Dogs, Ground Stones, Muscle Power.
2: Bronze Age Plough, Pulley, The Wheel.
3: Iron Age Ancient Machinery, Rudder.
4: Classical Age N/A
5: Dark Age N/A
6: Early Medieval N/A
7: Medieval N/A
8: Chivalric N/A
9: Renaissance N/A
10: Industrial Machine Tools, Steam Power.

Science CL

CL Science
1: Stone Age Animal Riding, Basic Arithmetic, Camel Domestication, Canine Domestication, Cooking, Equine Domestication, Falconry, Feline Domestication, Fire, Geophagy, Herbalism, Language, Livestock Domestication, Natural Pigments, Naturopathy, Oral Tradition, Poisons, Poultry Domestication, Tracking, Treppaning.
2: Bronze Age Agriculture, Ancient Anatomy, Ancient Midwifery, Ancient Neuroscience, Ancient Physiology, Ancient Surgery, Apiculture, Arithmetic, Calendar, Cuisine, Democracy, Dualism, Fermentation, Folk Medicine, Gardening, Geometry, Heritage, Horse Breeding, Ideogram, Linguistics, Lithotomy, Matriarcy, Monarchy, Mining, Optic Theory, Oratory, Orchards, Patriarchy, Philosophy, Poetry, Salt Processing, Seafaring, Specialization, Stargazing, Taxonomy, Veterinary Medicine, Writing.
3: Iron Age Alphabet, Anatomy, Ancient Pathology, Ancient Psychiatry, Aristocracy, Basic Neuroscience, Basic Toxicology, Calligraphy, Classical Alchemy, Economics, Education, Irrigation, Mathematics, Meritocracy, Microbiology, Military Training, Musical Notation, Noble Habitus, Physiology, Scientific Method, Siege Warfare, Surgical Instruments, Zoology.
4: Classical Age Astronomy, Civil Service, Classical Surveying, Crop Rotation, Feudalism, Geology, Heraldry, Pharmacy, Weather Lore.
5: Dark Age Calculus, Chivalry, Classical Psychiatry, Classical Surgery, Mercantilism, Midwifery, Navigation, Parliament, Weather Forecasting.
6: Early Medieval Medieval Anatomy, Medieval Neuroscience, Medieval Surgery, Medieval Toxicology.
7: Medieval Basic Epidemiology, Biology, Medieval Alchemy, Medieval Midwifery, Medieval Pathology, Medieval Psychiatry, Medieval Surveying.
8: Chivalric Archeology, Physics.
9: Renaissance Agricultural Engineering, Basic Histology, Engineering, Fire Brigades.
10: Industrial Anatomy, Corporations, Chemistry, Embryology, Epidemiology, Genetics, Gynaecology, Histology, Nationalism, Neuroscience, Obstetrics, Pathology, Pediatrics, Physiology, Psychiatry, Surgery, Surveying, Toxicology.

Tech CL

CL Tech
1: Stone Age Adhesives, Basic Tools, Binding, Bone Working, Carpentry, Carving, Clay Working, Cooking, Drying, Earth Oven, Knapping, Portable Shelter, Pottery, Shelter Building, Simple Wood Working, Skinning, Sewing, Stone Working, Tanning, Trapping, Weaving.
2: Bronze Age Ancient Engineering, Ancient Central Heating, Ancient Smithing, Ancient Surveying, Astrolabe, Brass Working, Bronze Working, Candle Making, Cartography, Celestial Bronze, City Planning, Code of Laws, Combat Sports, Construction, Copper Working, Furniture Making, Gold Working, Glass Blowing, Hydraulic Mining, Lead Working, Literature, Locks, Masonry, Mercury Working, Metal Casting, Oil Lamps, Ornamentation, Parchment, Postal Service, Pottery, Plumbing, Road Building, Scuplture, Sericulture, Silver Working, Soap Making, Sundial, Textile Loom, Tin Working, Trade, Zinc Working.
3: Iron Age Aesthetics, Alchemical Silver, Basic Machinary, Basic Smithing, Bloodiron Working, Canal Systems, Charters, Coal Mining, Cold Iron, Concrete, Currency, Dlarun, Fever Iron, Hot Air Balloon, Insurance, Iron Working, Mosaic Working, Mountaineering, Nickel Working, Paper, Paved Roads, Sanitation, Stained Glass, Stirrup, Walls.
4: Classical Age Adamantium Working, Arandur Working, Architecture, Banking, Classical Central Heating, Classical Engineering, Edheldin, Glass Steel, Meteoric Metal, Mithral, Optics, Orthaedro, Pearlsteel, Replaceable Parts, Steel Working.
5: Dark Age Astral Drift Metal Working, Darksteel, Ebony, Guilds, Oil Painting, Solarian Truesteel, Thinaun.
6: Early Medieval Bismuth Working, Clockwork, Explosives, Sextant.
7: Medieval Gunpowder.
8: Chivalric Matchlock.
9: Renaissance Aluminum Smithing, Flintlock, Nitroglycerin, Printing Press.
10: Industrial Gas Lighting, Photography, Telegraph.

Transportation CL

CL Transportation
1: Stone Age Raft Building, Sleds.
2: Bronze Age Boat Building, Carts, Chariotry, Sailing, Ship Building, Skis.
3: Iron Age Wagons.
4: Classical Age Carriages.
5: Dark Age
6: Early Medieval
7: Medieval N/A
8: Chivalric N/A
9: Renaissance Bicycles, Zeppelins.
10: Industrial Motorized Transportation, Railroad.

CL 0: Savage
CL 1: Stone Age (1,651 G.B. – 3,151 G.B.)
CL 2: Bronze Age (3,152 G.B. – 5,152 G.B.)
CL 3: Iron Age (5,153 G.B. – 6,000 G.B.)
CL 4: Classical (6,001 G.B. – 2,621 G.C.)
CL 5: Dark Age (2,622 G.C. – 5,531 G.C.)
CL 6: Early Medieval (5,532 G.C. – 7,246 G.C.)
CL 7: Medieval (7,247 G.C. – 8,347 G.C.)
CL 8: Chivalric (8,348 G.C. – 53 G.D.)
CL 9: Renaissance (54 G.D. – 416 G.D.)
CL 10: Industrial (unknown.)

Culture Levels

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