Asgardian Pantheon

Freyja, most renowned of the Norse goddesses, who is the sister and female counterpart of Freyr and is in charge of love, fertility, battle, and death. Her father is Njörðr, the sea god. Pigs are sacred to her, and her mount is a boar with golden bristles. A chariot drawn by cats is another of her vehicles. It was Freyja’s privilege to choose one-half of the heroes slain in battle for her great hall in Fólkvangar (the god Odin took the other half to Valhalla). She possessed a famous necklace called Brísingamen, which the trickster god Loki stole and Heimdallr, the gods’ watchman, recovered. Greedy and lascivious, Freyja was also credited with the act of teaching witchcraft to the Aesir. Like the Egyptian goddess Isis and the Greek Aphrodite, Freyja traveled through the world seeking a lost husband and weeping tears of gold. She was also known by four nicknames—Mardöll, Hörn, Gefn, and Syr.
Freyja’s cults tend to be exuberant and passionate. Whatever they do, they do with full enthusiasm. Racially and culturally one of the most diverse Asgardian cults, they find beauty in magic and vice versa. Physical appearance is irrelevant to those seeking initiation. Instead, they must demonstrate the kind of ardor promoted by the cult.
Clergy and Temples
Freyja’s clerics revere her role as a warrior deity. They actively practice the arts of war, including the arcane arts. Many of the clergy are magi, sorcerers or wizards in addition to being priests.
Freyja’s temples are lavishly decorated with the gold that is her gift to the Frostfell. The doors face the setting sun, since Óðr returns to his wife at sunset. The temples contain heavily secured display areas where sumptuous jewelry rests as offerings to Freyja. They also contain armories, arcane libraries, training areas, and arcane laboratories.
Visitors to Freyja’s temples receive greetings from enthusiastic members of the community or the clergy. The warm welcome quickly dissipates without an offering of jewelry or an honest expression of the passion prized by their deity. Offerings of magical knowledge, items, or songs are accepted as warmly as jewelry.

Deity Stats

Domains Sub-Domains Rank Alignment Favored Weapon Portfolio
Charm, Death, Magic, Pleasure, War Love, Lust | Truedeath | Arcane Intermediate True Neutral Courtblade Fertility, Ljosalfar, Love, Spring, Witchcraft.


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